A Musician’s Diet

Since the Tanglewood Festival Chorus had an orchestra rehearsal this morning, today was the first time I spent all day as a musician instead of splitting time between the cubicle and the piano. On this fine day, the MBTA proved once again that it can provide crappy service morning, day, and night, and has a special way of timing delays en route to Things You Must Not Be Late For.

But I digress. Without time in today’s schedule to sit down for a proper meal until 4:30, I ate a motley assortment of snacks all day.

  • Breakfast: LUNA bar (lemon). I packed a container of cereal, but without a seat on the aforementioned train from hell, I couldn’t eat it standing.
  • Lunch: LUNA bar (chocolate peppermint) + fun size Kit Kat.
  • Snack: Reese’s cup + cup of chorizo* soup.

Aside from my occasional (err…regular) indulgence in Halloween (err…all) candy, I try to choose foods with this ratio on the Nutrition Facts:

Protein (g) + Fiber (g) ≥ Sugar (g)

I have hypoglycemia, and I’ve found that this formula works for keeping me fainting-free. What do you recommend for hearty snacks on the go?

*The spell-check suggestion for “chorizo” is “chorister.” I’m amused!

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