Goodbye, Cubicle!

Tomorrow is my last day at my office job. I’m pretty freaking excited, even as I bid a wistful farewell to my regular paycheck.

I am constantly reminded of the terrible odds of succeeding at the new profession I’ve chosen. There’s the singer who works as a cashier at Whole Foods, the conductor who works as an executive assistant at my husband’s office, and the countless other musicians-turned-accountants, yoga instructors, bartenders…

Today I rehearsed with a conductor who is trying to persuade her college-age daughter not to follow in her footsteps. She gave me the Asian Mother’s Look of Disappointment and Disapproval as I explained my recent decision. Despite building up an immunity to the Look over 18 years, I felt a twinge of doubt and defiance as I left the rehearsal.

Maybe I’ll hate being a full-time musician. Maybe I won’t make enough money to get by. Maybe in a year or two, I’ll have to write a “Hello again, cubicle” blog post. I made this decision because I didn’t want to die regretting that I never gave music a fair chance.

Goodbye, cubicle! I hope to never see you again, so I’m going to practice now.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Cubicle!

  1. Patsy Sampson says:

    Go for it Eileen! You have every reason to: talent, perseverance, a loving husband, music associates who believe in you and enough experience in the real music world to know what’s what.

    This blog is fabulous. Thanks for adding it to your many contributions. Looking forward to many more.. 🙂

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