Glad To Be Rejected

I auditioned unsuccessfully for a lead role in an opera this week. Although rejection is always disappointing, I found myself feeling relieved that I knew the outcome.

You see, in the corporate world, the vast majority of companies don’t notify applicants when they are not being considered or when the position is filled. Most of the time you upload your resume and cover letter to a database, never to be seen by human eyes. After months pass without receiving so much as an automated rejection email, you can only assume that a computer algorithm deemed you unworthy.

So yeah, I think it’s downright peachy that I got a PFO* from the opera producers, and within 48 hours of my audition to boot. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t more well-prepared for the audition and uncertain why they didn’t like me (Was it my singing? My acting? My hair? My outfit?), but glad to have closure.

*PFO = Please Fuck Off: a typical rejection notice saying they heard so many wonderful auditions but regretfully could only select a few…

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