Adventures with Student Musicians

One of the many benefits of working with student musicians is that I have good stories to tell.

Mid-Sonata Musical Chairs. There once was a student whose pianist couldn’t play the third movement of a sonata fast enough for his liking. Unfortunately, he came to this realization just two weeks before his recital. I learned the third movement, and we performed the sonata with an inelegant pianist swap between the second and third movements.

Sleeping Beauty. There once was a student who had trouble making it to her morning lessons. The lessons were at 11:00. (Good luck with your first church job!)

As Prudent as a Fortune Cookie. There once was a student who thought we could put together a virtuosic, contemporary sonata — new to both of us — in one or two rehearsals. Were the meter changes every few bars not a giveaway? We rehearsed more during the week before her recital than we did all semester.

The Mystery of the Missing Messiaen. There once was a student who discovered six days before her recital that neither of her two pianists was learning a set of chansons. Mon Dieu!

The moral of the story is: PLAN AHEAD!!!

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