Perspectives on Life

I recently learned that my manager at my last job was the recipient of a miraculous double lung transplant. Moments like these remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing — because life is unpredictable and precious.

Two of my aunts passed away in their 40s (different sides of the family; unrelated causes). Although I was not close to them, the brevity of their lives weighed upon my decision to become a musician while everyone else is declaring that classical music is dying. Whether I do this for a few months or forever, I’m fully satisfied with what I’ve experienced and learned along the way.

A while back, a blog reader (whom I don’t know) sent me this lovely email:

Love what you do….Music….there’s always time to do the mundane, the absurd, and the meaningless….go for it…You’re only young once….a 100+year old woman said that she learned the most during her life in the period going BETWEEN Point A to Point B ..she called it that time period the “curiosity of interruption”…So be curious, be interrupted.

I don’t know where Point B is yet, but I’m traveling and making the best of it.

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