O hai. I haz been hibernating.

Photo by astro.nerd.2013

As I predicted in May, I didn’t have much work during the summer. Since I worked every summer during college and started a job the Monday after graduation, I decided it was ok to have a summer off for the first time in 10 years.

I’d love to say I accomplished something noteworthy in all my spare time like Dr. Chris Foley, who published a book, but actually I accomplished diddly squat.

So how did I spend my time?

Pinterest. Full of clever interior decorating projects you’ll never finish, beautiful clothes you can’t afford, and photogenic recipes you’ll never make, Pinterest is one of the most addictive sites of all time. I’ve spent so much time on Pinterest that I may need to join a support group.

Watching TV. I hardly ever watch TV during the school year. In fact, John and I only subscribe to 10 channels, which we watch on our old-school tube TV. For real. My favorite shows are Curious George and Criminal Minds (analyze that!), but I’ll watch pretty much any crime show, from Monk to Law & Order: SVU.

Crochet. I learned how to crochet a few years ago and quickly amassed a collection of scarves and more complicated projects that are all 90% complete. Rather than finish one of those projects (because really, who does that?), this summer I started a blanket. The great thing about a blanket is that it’s mindless to work on, like a scarf, but you don’t end up with another scarf.

Ain’t it purty?

I know, I’m the lamest person ever. Although my summer was relaxing, I look forward to going back to work — and making money again! I hope my fingers, vocal cords, and brain are ready because business starts on Saturday. This Saturday.


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