12 Things About Me

  1. First instrument: Piano
  2. Age at first music lesson: Six
  3. First piece performed in public: Sugar Cookies by David Carr Glover
  4. Piece most recently performed in public: A really appalling arrangement of “Joyful, joyful we adore thee”
  5. Band camp: Yes (flute)
  6. Marching band: No
  7. College a capella: Yes
  8. Absolute pitch: No
  9. Moveable do or fixed do: Fixed
  10. Faux pas: Accidentally wore my Hello Kitty sweater on stage at Weill Recital Hall
  11. Favorite conductor hair: Masaaki Suzuki
  12. I wish I could play: In an orchestra

Thank you to bloggers oboeinsight, Jarrett House North, and Angelina Calderón for playing along!

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