Being a Healthy Musician, Part 2

Back when I was a cubicle dweller, I woke up at the same time every day, Monday through Friday. Now that I have a freelance musician’s irregular schedule, I’ve been waking up at a different time every day.

Although I’m grateful that I no longer have to be up at 7:30 every day (Don’t laugh; I’m nocturnal.), my lack of routine isn’t working out. I’m maintaining a constant level of wakefulness by drinking coffee and tea, but my caffeine tolerance is growing, and I’m having trouble staying hydrated. Singer #fail.

I need to find a way to force myself out of bed at the same time every morning, regardless of my appointments that day. Any suggestions for this night-owl?

See Being a Healthy Musician, Part 1 if you want to read about my questionable eating habits.

One thought on “Being a Healthy Musician, Part 2

  1. Rachel Velarde says:

    I make myself get up and do yoga every morning. I find my singing is much better, as is my mental health. The hardest part is getting myself to bed – so I have an alarm set on my phone that goes off every night 35 minutes before I want to have my lights out. If I don’t get to bed, I can’t get up. 😀

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