10 Universal Truths for Collaborative Pianists

  1. You will have bad page turners.
  2. When students say, “The piano part is easy,” they’re lying.
  3. Moments after you accept a gig, another one will come along for the same time that pays more and is closer to your house.
  4. When you’re overwhelmed in December and April, you should think of July.
  5. When you’re bored in July, you should think of December and April.
  6. Follow the conductor, not the chorus.
  7. When you finally decide to recycle the photocopies that you haven’t needed in months, someone will ask for them.
  8. It really is a small world.
  9. People who forget to tell you they’ve cancelled their lesson are infinitely more annoying than people who call you “accompanist.”
  10. You should’ve practiced more yesterday.

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