Interview with the exotic species, Musicianus Classicum

Last Saturday evening, I was reviewing my Mendelssohn Lobgesang score on the subway, provoking the curiosity of two inebriated but friendly fellows sitting next to me.

That’s some serious literature right there. Maybe she plays the violin. Cello, man. There’s an instrument called the cello.

Eventually one guy poked me in the arm.

Excuse me, do you play the violin?
No, I’m a singer.

What group do you sing with?
The Boston Symphony Orchestra. We’re performing at Symphony Hall tonight.

That’s very highbrow. We’re going to see Tool at the TD Garden. You’ve probably never heard of them.
Actually I have two of their albums from back in high school. “Lateralus” and the one before that.

Did you go to Berklee?
No, I went to MIT.

How did you end up doing music?
I decided I like music more than what I studied.

That’s cool. We’ll leave you alone now. I don’t want to mess up your concert or anything. 

I doubt they would’ve come, but in retrospect, I wish I had offered them free tickets to tonight’s performance.

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