Woah, It’s March Already

Yikes, I didn’t blog once during February! As a former colleague of mine once said, “It’s always feast or famine as a freelancer.” I’m feasting now in anticipation of my summer famine.

My music for the semester.

This semester has been my busiest one yet. These are my regular collaborators for whom I’m responsible for lessons, rehearsals, juries, performances, etc.

  • 5 singers
  • 2 choruses
  • 1 flutist
  • 1 bassoonist
  • 1 violinist

To keep things exciting (and pay the bills), I took on some extra gigs:

  • 1 undergraduate admissions audition
  • 1 audition recording
  • 1 concerto competition
  • substitute pianist-directing a church choir
  • a project with violist Marcus Thompson
  • rehearsals for Boston Opera Collaborative’s production of La Bohème
  • and I joined the artist roster of Opera on Tap Boston
In my singing life, I’ve had back-to-back commitments with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, including Beethoven’s monumental Missa Solemnis, and have been rehearsing for an upcoming performance with Collage New Music.

Although I am thrilled to be swimming in music, I need to maintain a delicate balance. The more gigs I have, the more music I have to practice, but the less time I have to practice. It’s a slippery slope from being a good pianist to being a bad pianist.

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