Would you pay your accompanist with a credit card?

For freelance work, I usually receive payments by check, and occasionally cash. Now I have a new option to consider: credit card.

Square is a free credit card reader that plugs into your iPad, Android, or iPhone. For a  2.75% fee per swipe, you can accept all major credit cards and have payments deposited to your bank account in 1–2 business days.

I’m definitely sold on the idea of not having checks to lose and not having to make trips to the ATM or bank. The transaction fee is reasonable enough for me or the student to pay, depending on how I choose to handle it. And since most people carry a credit card more regularly than a checkbook, missed payments are more unlikely.

Based on the reviews in the app store, I think the most significant drawback to using Square is their lack of customer service. If something goes wrong, there’s no phone number to call. This might be a deal breaker for me. PayPal is offering a competing service, PayPal Here, but it isn’t available to the general public yet.

Teachers, coaches, accompanists: Would you or do you already accept credit card payments?

Students: Would you pay by credit card if the option were available?

4 thoughts on “Would you pay your accompanist with a credit card?

  1. Georgeanne says:

    As a singer, I would love to pay my accompanist by credit card. Up until now, I have used cash (which always made me feel tacky unless I put them in an awesome card or something)–I finally ordered some checks a few weeks ago. Having a service like this would be great.

  2. Georgeanne says:

    I would also like to tell you that there are applications developed for the iPhone (instead of that little swipe thing) that allow you to directly input credit card numbers in and accept payment that way!

  3. Nicole says:

    This seems like a great idea in theory, but my mom has been using one of these with her therapy clients and has found it to be really glitchy. (I’m not sure if it’s this brand, though.) For me, I’d be more likely to use Paypal’s version of the device for my Ebay sales, since I resell pre-owned designer clothing and often have friends check out and buy items in person (and the total ends up coming to more than the amount of cash that most people carry on them). Once Paypal rolls it out I will definitely give it a try, I think.

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