There are no sequins in Bach


When I was a little girl learning my first Bach Invention (a simple, two-part fugue), my teacher asked me if I knew what a sequence was.

“Yes,” I nodded eagerly. “They’re little shiny round things!”

“Little shiny round things?” My teacher was puzzled.

“I have them on my dance costume.” I thought she was talking about sequins.


Singing is hard

A former teacher once suggested to me that I should start teaching voice lessons. I said, “I’m waiting until I figure out how to sing,” to which she responded, “Oh honey, you’re going to spend your entire life figuring out how to sing! You can’t wait for that!”

I used to think singing would become easier with age — that after some number of years of voice lessons, I’d become comfortable with my technique. Instead, the more I learn, the more I know what I don’t know.

Part of the challenge results from having a physiological instrument that changes with age, health, and the weather. Although I generally like how my voice has changed over the last decade, sometimes I wish it’d stop its angsty adolescent growth. My teacher assures me that some of the best singing in my life will be during my 30’s, so I’m looking forward to that.