Piano Lessons

As an MIT alumna, I have firsthand experience in being a serious musician while managing an intense workload. At MIT I’ve taught solo piano, collaborative piano, and chamber music, and I’ve been a frequent guest artist-lecturer for composition classes. I also teach private lessons to serious adult learners.

Eileen is an awesome teacher and mentor! The way she communicates nuances in the music is amazing.

—Student evaluation, spring 2022

If you were to ask my students, they’d say I’m picky as hell, but really nice about it!

I encourage my students to be inquisitive, careful listeners, and I’m a huge proponent of practicing efficiently instead of practicing more. I love problem-solving and exploring creative ideas, so my students can express themselves freely and give performances they’re really proud of.

Always a pleasure to work with Eileen! Really good at pulling out the best of the ensemble while allowing for artistic freedom.

—Student evaluation, spring 2022
— Watch some of my students perform —
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