Accompanist Fees and Policies

Updated April 14, 2022

When I began working as an accompanist, I was surprised by how informal my employment arrangements were. Some employers required tax forms and/or time sheets, some asked for invoices, and others needed no paperwork at all. The hourly rate varied widely, ranging from babysitter wages to professional musicians’ wages.

To establish my own rates for freelance work, I searched online to find documentation from other universities. I found these excellent resources, which include detailed information on fees, cancellation policies, and guidelines.

Drake University

University of Tennessee School of Music

Western Carolina University School of Music (page 33)

Westminster Choir College (page 36)

Incorporated Society of Musicians (UK)

Accompanists’ Guild of South Australia

If you know of any similar resources, please let me know, and I’ll add it to the list.

7 thoughts on “Accompanist Fees and Policies

  1. Aimee S

    I can’t wait till I have a gig for you to play at…We might have to get married again so you can play at the wedding!

  2. Shannon

    I have requests from others to record accompaniments of choral songs and send them digitally to use with their classes. How much would you charge them…would if he per piece recorded? Sometimes I record just one song, but others ot may be 7-10 songs.

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